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I am excited to introduce the launching of my mastermind group.The life and business transcendence that will be realized during these sessions will be profound for those seeking to grow . Those wishing to expand their future by immeasurable value and meaning must take this opportunity seriously.

What’s your wealth age? – know yourself, choose a path, and take action! I’d like to take you on a time line journey. This journey I call the longevity effect. Let’s assume your life span is that you will live to be 100. In the first 20 years I like to kid and say you will be drooling on yourself and the last 20 years you are basically drooling on yourself. So what does that mean and why it is important? It’s because all joking aside. That leaves you with only 60 short years to a mass wealth and opportunity. Those 60 years comprised between the age 20 and you becoming an adult; and year 80 when you elect to retire.

What comes to mind when you think about…Prosperity? Success, profitability, wealth, luxury, the good life, comfort, security, whatever it means to you. For each of us it’s different. Right? But in these next video tutorials I will share with you the 5 1/5 core principals of prosperity and how if you implement these in your personal and business life you realize with a system you will discover dramatic and positive change.Let’s think about for a moment how your life would be different if you had access to all the abundant sources you needed. The main reason to be prosperous is the freedom & security it provides for being able to support yourself and the loved ones you care about.

The secret technique of the wealthiest individuals.Consciouness, Self-Mastery, Meditation.There is no greater determining factor for success in any endeavor than mindset. Whether it is athletics, business, relationship, or simply living a fulfilling life, mindset is the keystone. Far too often people think of mindset as the product of your environment, I prefer to think of mindset as the creator of your environment. This section is about the tools, techniques and philosophy to help optimize your mindset.

Own Your Own Luck is a three part series life changing program. Phase 1 is soley based on you the individual and creating Peak Performance strategies to take your personal life and confidence to the most superior levels. Phase 2 is driven by your phase 1 discovery and implementing a specific plan and roadmap into money systems and wealth transcendence. Phase 3 is the continuing environment and network for you to keep all your new found knowledge and momentum in hustle mode. It’s the sustainability factor that almost every program leaves behind and you asking so what now?

Are you ready to join 30 for 60? Ever feel like you needed a lifeline? Do you feel like you have a pebble in your shoe? Have you ever needed to phone a friend?, ask an advisor?, or get a quick solution to an immediate obstacle? Then wait no more. Click here for your 30 for 60 solution.


At any given time, you have hundreds of options to find a mentor. But here is why you should stop searching and START NOW !

Sure you can read blog posts, spend your valuable time on websites searching newsletters and reading more articles. Within all these choices are even more micro choices, which just distract you from the real problem


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Rick Glade
Rick has been an Entrepreneur and purchasing Real Estate since 1986. He has owned and operated a multitude of real estate ventures and businesses alike. He has bought, built and sold businesses and properties ranging from land and multi-family projects both domestically and internationally.

While Rick has specialized primarily in acquisitions and holding properties for immediate value streams and long term wealth accumulation. His vast knowledge of all the fundamental forms of core business models with emphasis on strategic wealth creation is a testimony of his success.

Meanwhile his preference has been on the Western United States. Rick has purchased, mentored and consulted to other entrepreneurs and investors across the international community.

Rick has been at the bottom and started where most people start, with only a dream (vision) to become successfully wealthy and share a life of fulfillment. It takes a will, dedication and an extreme internal desire. All things are possible with a purpose driven life. Rick owes his knowledge and success to many, and has learned from some of the best mentors, investors and business advisors in the world. He has been a beneficiary of many before him and now chooses to be a conduit of all that he has partaken of throughout the years. He shares his knowledge with those whom seek.

Rick leads as an entrepreneur, investor, and mentor. He has been through several business cycles and aspects of business marketing and investment. His focus is long term wealth creation has created sustainability for himself as well as others. His desire to discover each person’s highest potential through awareness and self-discovery leading to the pursuit of mastery. He is a firm believer of always being a student and continued growth, the pursuit of happiness as well as mastery of all aspects of one’s life.

Make a decision to live a life on Purpose! With Purpose!


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